Come as you are

TTC Information:

3 minute walk from the nearest Bus Stops at Wynford Rd. / Gervais Dr. S. Take Bus Number 100 from either Broadview / Danforth Subway or Eglinton Ave/Yonge Subway. Morning Every 30 mins. Evening Buses Every 10 mins. Bus Travel Time 25 mins. Alternatively take a Don Mills Bus to Wynford/Don Mills

Note: Eglinton Ave - Bus do not stop at Eglinton /Gervais

Driving Directions:

Southbound Don Valley Pkwy. Exit at Wynford Drive
Northbound Don Valley Pkwy. Exit at either Don Mills or Eglinton Ave.
Note: There is no left hand turn off Eglinton Ave. on to Gervais Dr.

Meals would be available for purchase on a first-come-basis only.
Parking is FREE

For more information call 416-466-0776 or by email: