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Under a beautiful summer weather, Members and Guests of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Council of the Archdiocese of Toronto, gathered at the Montecassino Hotel and Event Venue on Saturday, June 25, 2016 for the Cradle of Hope Conference. Our Guest Speakers were His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Collins,Chuck Hornsby, Dr. Josephine Lomardi, Mother Lucy Lukasiewics, Carey Grant, Deacon Carlos Nogueira and Deacon Mark Romeo. Mary Cruz, Chair of CCRC opened the conference and welcomed the participants with message of hope, joy and love of the Triune God.

Preparations are already underway for the forthcoming Cradle of Hope Conference for 2017 among hundreds of Catholic Charismatic at the Archdiocese of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Golden Jubilee 2017 event and how the Toronto Catholic Charismatic Renewal plays a big role in ecumenism that will be held in the Attwell Centre, 272 Attwell Drive, Toronto on June 24 to 25. 2017.